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A few kilometers from Paris and Disneyland,  hidden behind a large wooden portal, this old farmhouse, from the 18 th century, bordered by its gorgeous « bergenias »(large plant with pink flowers in spring)  restored and maintened with enthusiam , has become a guest house,  where beams,  studs, shear walls, wrought iron, mirrors….. still retrace its history.

Soon as you enter, a family suite or cottage, the « Parisian » welcomes you with its topic of parisian rooftops.

Next , the  » Venetian« , the second guest room.  As  Crécy la Chapelle is called the «  briard Venice » , thanks to  its small canals, in the heart of the city,  this  other bedroom  has been naturally named like this.

Le clos des Bergenias, three « épis de charme » in the  Gîtes de France , and registered in the « Routard », since 2006, is a cosy place  where you are  heartly welcome,  even with  your small dog. The houe , the garden with its secret corners for relaxing, forests, horse pastures, the silence, birds songs, everything to charm the amateur of peace and nature.

Two golfs courses, 18 holes each (including a Palmer  and a practice) waiting for your plaisure.The Boutigny and Disney golfs, both in a distance within 6 kms.

and most of all, the Moulin jaune, a laboratory oozing with creativity, eternal moving, each moment full with creative search. here, no project is ever complete and no experiment can ever be deemed a failure. Leaded by Slava Polunin, creator of the snowshow,  and former director of  Saint Petersburg Stae Circus, he joins forces with multiple artists and artisans, to create an adventure and a journey where nature, creativity, and even everyday life are weaved together to create the art of  joyful living, festive, and wonderful. The house , the garden of this ancient watermill are filled with theater and celebration of spectacle and imagination. On the 3hectars around live raw art, spontaneou fairy tale and felliniesque circus.


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Le Routard
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La Venitienne

Prettily decorated, and  cosy, the accomodations are very different , but both have free acces and private terraces, where garden lounges laze waiting the travellers , in want of relaxing recreation….

With its pergola covered in Fontainebleau Chasselas (nice grape  in autumn),  its table in marble, and iron chairs, the …

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